Our Intro

Our Intro

                                     FIRST BLOG

First of all I would like to welcome all of you to our website my lovely customers.

I am very excited to write this blog.
Though I don't understand what to write.

I think we want to tell you about ourselves. I know this part should be in 'About Us',

but what can you expect from
a rookie, writing a blog for the first time.

We have opened this website with minimum effort. Yeah, we are honest too.

Although I have dreamed big dreams, this is not something big that I know, but a small part.

We are small dropshippers, yeah very small, who want to move forward with your help.

Today I am writing this blog, so that we can be closer to you, can tell about ourselves and our company.

Like we said that we are dropshippers and we are living in small city of India.

Yes, all the people living in the small city sometimes dream big.

Just to get that dream, we thought of opening this website.

I told this to my friend, who said that you do what you are good at, so here I am.

And I want to know that I did not take any wrong decision.

And my dear ladies my customers, we love you very much, so we will not waste your time.

Now you got emotional, and got to know us, now we will talk about the real deal.

Yes, what are you waiting for?
You were a princess, now is the time to become queen.

We are gladly available to help you.

You would get post order gifts on our website, the kind you will not get anywhere Yeeeeeessss.

Yes we will make you an offer you will not refuse.

So, Shop your favorites now.

Love MarkedBlu